Soaring Safety Seminars

Soaring Safety Seminars2021-03-18T19:18:09-06:00

The Soaring Safety Foundation (SSF) Hosts an Annual Safety Seminar During the SSA Convention.

Safety Seminars at Your Club

The Soaring Safety Foundation (SSF) will cooperate with your gliding organization to present a gliding safety seminar to pilots in your city. The SSF will provide an instructor to present four to six hours’ worth of presentations to help you and your fellow pilots identify and reduce risk factors in soaring. To request a safety Seminar for your area contact Tom Johnson, the SSF Safety Seminar Coordinator .


What topics will be covered in the Safety Seminar?2020-11-26T20:21:49-07:00
  • Glider accident analysis
  • Preventing aerotow accidents
  • Effective scenario-based training
  • Landing accidents and emergency preparedness training: Is there a link?
  • Sinking airmass and its role in glider accidents
  • Soaring site surveys and accident prevention
  • Detecting and correcting gaps in your club’s flight training program
  • Preventing stall/spin accidents through landing task analysis and recurrent training.
  • Other topics may be substituted or included at the request of the hosting organization.
How many Safety Seminars take place each year?2020-11-26T20:09:32-07:00

That depends on the demand. The target is six and if money is available to continue to subsidize the program, the number of seminars may grow in future years.

How much does a Safety Seminar cost for a Gliding Club to host?2020-11-26T20:10:08-07:00
  • Your organization must cover any/all on-site costs (meeting room, light refreshments if deemed appropriate, chairs, a white surface to project PowerPoint shows on, and so on). In many cases, these expenses will be very low if members work together in volunteer fashion to reduce on-site expenses.
  • Your organization pays a flat fee of $300.00 to the SSF to help defray the cost of bringing the Safety Seminar to your city. SSF will more than match that amount to bring the Safety Seminar to you. When you add up all travel expenses alone, you can see that the actual cost of a Seminar far exceeds $300. The SSF subsidizes these Safety Seminars because SSF Trustees deem them effective accident-prevention tools.
How can my gliding organization raise $300 to pay for this Safety Seminar?2020-11-26T20:22:13-07:00

If 30 club members attend the presentation, the cost per person is $10 – a fraction of the cost of a single aerotow launch. Not a bad deal!

What must a Gliding Club/FBO do to arrange for a Safety Seminar?2020-11-26T20:10:14-07:00
  • Consult with the Soaring Safety Foundation to select a suitable date for your Safety Seminar
  • Publicize and promote the event locally
  • Provide a meeting room suitable for lecture/PowerPoint presentations, and Fill the meeting room with glider pilots, glider pilot wannabes, and tow pilots to attend the Safety Seminar.


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