The SSA Group Hull and Liability Insurance program is one of the most important benefits offered by the Soaring Society of America to its membership. It will continue to exist as long as it is large enough to attract underwriting insurance carriers. In recent years, there has been a significant reduction in the number of insurance companies willing to cover gliders in the United States. If there were no SSA group program, most commercial operators and clubs, and many individual glider owners would have serious trouble obtaining affordable insurance. In that sense, the SSA Group Insurance Program has played a key role in preserving soaring in the United States.

The Soaring Society of America Group Insurance Program has existed since 1978. It has been administered by Pat Costello of Costello Insurance Associates and his staff since 1984. The plan was established to obtain insurance products for a broader spectrum of glider operations. Not only does the Program offer a wide variety of products, it does so at a competitive rate. Premium discounts up to 25% are provided those clients who are claims-free. Winter storage credits are available to those who carry hull insurance on their aircraft. Due to the continued support of the SSA membership, the Program has endured while many other group plans have vanished over the decades.

SSA membership is needed to take advantage of the SSA Group Program.

The Plan offers insurance products for…

  • Those who own gliders for pleasure and or competition
  • Tow plane operators
  • Glider clubs
  • Glider commercial operators
  • Negligent Instruction liability for clubs and commercial operators and their flight instructors
  • Glider repair stations
  • Owners or operators of airports catering to gliders
  • Glider winch operators
  • Liability insurance for organizers of soaring contests


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