Take Your Flying to the Next Level

Top commercial and private pilots find the sport of soaring exhilarating. Sharpen your piloting skills by learning how to extract energy from the sky on exceptionally scenic flights over surprising distances. Silent and exhilarating, Soaring is a timeless activity that has captured the hearts of top pilots all over the world.

How Do I Get Started in Soaring?

The first step is to join the SSA then get your Glider Add-On Rating. This can be done at a commercial glider operation or at some gliding clubs in most states. Typical times at the commercial ops are 4-7 days depending on your currency and abilities. Next, join your local club for a checkout and access to their fleet. As you become more proficient at cross-country or racing it may make sense to eventually step up to your own glider.

What it’s Like to Soar!

Next Steps

Receive Free Soaring Magazine download and connect to the nearest club.

Become a full member now for just $80 (Monthly magazine, online access, and club connection).

Trial 30 Min Ground Training, 30 Min Flight, logbook, and more for just $139.

See on an interactive map where the clubs and commercial operations are.

Military Pilots Glider Add-on

Commercial Pilots Glider Add-On


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