FAST Program

Fly A Sailplane Today

SSA Fast Program

  • 30 Min Ground Instruction
  • 30 Min Introductory Flight
  • ‘Everybody’s 1st Gliding Book’
  • Glider Pilot Logbook
  • 3 Months SSA Membership
  • Including 3 Months of Soaring Magazine

Everything you Need to Start Soaring

The FAST program gives you the opportunity to get a taste of what soaring is all about. It is a program that offers you an introductory lesson in flying a glider, during which you will handle the controls of the aircraft under the guidance of an FAA certificated glider flight instructor.  The FAST program is geared for anyone interested in soaring and also makes a great gift. You can use your voucher at any participating SSA Commercial Operator. Once you’ve selected a soaring operation you should contact them to schedule your lesson, tell them you have a FAST program voucher. They will tell you everything you need to know and what to bring with you on the day of your lesson.

  • An introductory lesson consisting of a minimum of 30 minutes of ground instruction and approximately 30 minutes of flight time

  • A copy of “Everybody’s 1st Gliding Book”

  • A glider pilot logbook
  • An introductory 3 month membership in the Soaring Society of America, including 3 copies of the monthly magazine Soaring, the society’s journal

Program Restrictions:

  • FAST vouchers may be redeemed at participating soaring clubs and commercial soaring businesses. Redemption of your FAST certificate may require compliance with any membership rules or conditions applicable to whatever organization provides the flight. Typically, this requires some simple paperwork at the flying site.
  • The Soaring Society of America, Inc. acts solely as agent of the entity that provides the introductory lesson and will not, and does not, assume any liability or responsibility for any injury, death, damage or loss arising directly or indirectly in any manner from the instructional flight including while in transit to or from the glider used for such flight.
  • Individual FAST providers (affiliated SSA Chapters or commercial operators) may have additional organizational, size, or weight restrictions (typically height under 6’2” and maximum weight 225 to 250 lbs.) Please contact your FAST site for specific answers or ask when you call to make your FAST lesson reservation.
  • Limit one voucher per customer.