Glider Flight Schools

Providers of commercial  glider flight instruction from ab-initio student through certified glider instructor ratings.   Offer accelerated opportunities  to complete those training goals.  Clubs/chapters also offer training, but generally do not operate at the frequency of commercial glider flight schools and may not have the same resources.  You may explore these on the SSA Where-To-Fly Map.

Glider Rides

A glider ride may be just the ticket for you, a friend, or a family member.  The view from a glider is unparalleled.  Some are located in scenic areas with mountain or ocean views, others offer beautiful changing leaves in the autumn.  Caution though, a glider flight may trigger the need for more. See the SSA Where-To-Fly Map for more information on which clubs/chapters offer rides.

Sailplane Dealers

Sailplane design is in a golden age. Performance is simply remarkable. Yet, older designs are still viable as the service life of composite gliders is quite long. The waiting list for new gliders can be fairly long, such is the demand. Sailplane dealers may also have or list information on used gliders when their customers upgrade. Wanting to buy new or searching for a used glider? Check out these domestic options.

Pilot Accessories, Equipment & Services

Glider pilots today have the option of installing flight computers, navigation equipment, radios, instrumentation, and trackers that promote safety and provide up to date weather and anti-collision information not available just a few years ago. Upgrading that panel makes sense, whether all at once, or bit by bit, older sailplanes can benefit from upgrades as much as new sailplanes.

Pilot Parachutes

Hopefully never needed, but emergency pilot parachutes are a safety option worth every penny. They are, of course, required in soaring contests.

Para-Phernalia Washington

Aviation Insurance

Providers of insurance coverage for glider owners and renters, tow plane operators, commercial operators, and clubs/chapters.

Educational & Training Materials

Providers of books, software, and/or flight simulation curricula or plans to enhance student pilot and rated pilot knowledge.

Maintenance & Repairs

Need maintenance, repairs, or AD compliance of your glider or towplane? The following offer expert craftmanship to accomplish this work.

Yankee Composites Southern California


Some SSA Business Members offer other services. Check out their web sites for more information.

Actualized Business Solutions, Inc. Maryland
Flight Dynamics, LLC Florida
Granite Intersection, Inc. Vermont
Light Flight LTD Pennsylvania
Mississippi State University Soaring Club, Inc. Mississippi
Sundance Aviation, Inc. New Mexico