SSA donors have allowed the SSA Junior Soaring Committee to offer SSA Juniors funding for scholarships, on being a Junior CFI-G awards. This scholarship is available for a candidate that shows the interest in soaring and in becoming a glider flight instructor. The full award also includes a requirement for the recipient to demonstrate ability in cross-country flight and soaring ability through the achievement of either an FAI Silver Badge or a Kolstad Century Award.

Glider rated Junior SSA members aged 17-24 years old may apply. Applicants must express both desire and a plan for success and if under 18, must have parent/guardian support for participation. Applicants must make a good case through personal statements, letters of recommendation, mentor support of their plan, and desire to continue participation in gliding and soaring, their financial need, and their promise in other aspects of life.


Award of $3000 in SSA credit for direct training and testing expenses. A $2000 allocation will be available initially. The remaining $1000 milestone allocation will be available following the achievement of a commercial glider rating, if needed, or required knowledge tests if already commercial glider rated.  Detailed invoices of flight training expenses must be invoiced to the SSA at, for payment to the servicing organization. No expenses will be paid two years after the date of the award announcement.

Promotion and fulfillment of the program are a cooperation between SSA, which administers and judges the scholarship, and local soaring chapters, clubs, and schools, who get reimbursement for their qualified charges; tows, glider rental, instructional costs, and costs of successful exams. The flight training organization must be willing to cooperate on the reimbursement process. Funds are not available for dues, joining fees, or other non-training costs.



Ages 17-24
Private Glider Rating or Higher


$3000 for CFI-G Training


September 30th


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The soaring community hopes these scholarships will lay the foundation for a lifetime of soaring enjoyment and, for some award winners, an ideal ground-floor to a career in aviation. Wish to help foster this effort?