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Title Handouts Date
Top 5 Tips to Help You Soar Faster and Farther   08/12/2020
Buying & Selling Gliders, New & Used (I've got 33 tucked away!)   07/17/2020
Zen & the Art of Aerotowing -- for the Gliderpilot - C. Brickner  Q & A's 06/09/2020
Emergency Locator Devices & Other Safety Equipment - John DeRosa   05/12/2020
Intermediate-Advanced Thermaling in Gliders - Eric Carden Vocabulary 04/14/2020
How To Get The Most out of your LXNAV glide computer -P. Remde Handout1
ONE BAD DECISION THAT ALMOST KILLED ME Analyzing a Sailplane Crash and How I Survived it - D. Lessnick   06/14/2019
Top 3 Secrets of Skysight And How to Use it Like a PRO - M. Scudder Handout
SHIFTING GEARS Risk Strategies for Cross-Country Thermal Soaring - Dan Sazhin   05/07/2019
SOARING WEATHER How to MAXIMIZE Your Chances Of Flying On The Best Days - K. Izuno   04/10/2019
BADGE FLYING: How To Prepare For And Attain Your FAI Silver Badge - E. Carden  Handout 03/19/2019
Secrets of Glider Math, Simple Glide Calculations to Keep You Safer! - C. Brickner  Handout
Speed to Fly Theory and Why Should I Care - J. Cochrane  
Interview with Sebastian Kawa, The Worlds Top Racing Pilot   02/07/2019
Cross Country Basics Cutting the Cord - E. Carden   11/20/2018
Top Tips Flying Your First Task and Contest - Panel - Blackburn/Vassel/Sorenson/Lessnick  Handout 11/08/2018
How To Find Thermals Part 1 -  E. Carden   10/16/2018
Working Ridges:  a Primer -  Kempton Izuno  Handout 10/04/2018
How to Find and Stay on Lift Lines Part 2 - E. Carden   9/29/2018
Tips & Tricks for Using SeeYou Mobile in the Cockpit - Paul Remde   9/5/2018
Soaring Weather Forecasting for Dummies - Ramy Yanetz   8/15/2018
How to Find and Stay on Lift Lines - E. Carden  Handout 7/18/2018
Advantages of Glider Flight Simulation Training - Scott Manley   7/8/2018
Finding 'Near Miss' Thermals - E. Carden  Handout 6/24/2018
Takeoff Dangers and How to Avoid Them - Cindy Brickner  Handout 6/6/2018
THERMALING 101_ The Easy As 1-2-3 Method - E. Carden   5/15/2018
3 Things Every Glider Pilot Must Do At The Beginning Of The Season - Garret Willat   5/1/2018

Posted: 3/20/2019