This morning was a busy one as the organizers issued version 2 of the waypoints files.  They had to be loaded and checked.    We had some equipment problems that occupied our time after the pilots meeting.  Having the right manual always helps.

The launch began at 2PM.  Club Class was in the air first and was the first to head out on task.  Daniel Sazhin and JP Stewart waited for most of Club Class to start as did others.  This was a wise move as they were able to fly with a gaggle that moved quickly.  Their early start was also a good decision as  the class reached the first turn point and headed west the day started to weaken.  3-5 Knot climbs to 5000 feet became 2-4 knot climbs to 4000.  Sarah and Tom made very aggressive attempts but they felt that the gaggles just waited too long to start.

Standard class was the second to launch and by the time their gate opened and were4 on task  the air mass had weakened and a few gliders landed back at the airfield and shortly the messages of land outs began to pop up on What’s App,  there were so many landouts in Standard Class it was a no task day.

15 Meter suffered the same fate b ut there were enough pilots to complete the task to make a valid Task.  Tim was very aggressive and felt the day was going to be strong but was surprised when as he move west and north the airmass became weaker and weaker.  Sean Murphy stayed with a fast gaggle until 8KM from  the finish and elected to land rather than risk flying in to and area where is landout options were minimal and be penalized for a low finish.

The AAC (Association Aéronautique Creusoise) hosted the Welcome Night.  As we waited for all the land outs arraive back we were treated to wine and sweets.  This was a great opportunity to talk flying and make new friends.  Not easy as we were all wearing masks.

Tomorrow the weather is improving with the airmass drying out and getting a little warmer.

Team Captain

Colin Mead