Today was the last practice day. the day was cancelled at 3PM. Weather just didn’t heat up and cloud base was low. We all did the grid swat for a few hours.

We got everyone though scrutineering with no trouble. the team tent, base station and coffee pot are set up.

tomorrow we will be having opening ceremonies beginning at 5 PM. We will have about 100 Pilots and crews, probably 250 people in the town square. The Pilots and Team Captains have been invited to meet the Mayor of Montlucon at Party in the Town Hall.

Sunday is the first day of competition. You can see the competition Live at The will another sight which I will post when they tell us. All gliders have IGC Trackers that were handed out on Wednesday to each pilot. They use the OGN network and which will delay the progress by 15 minutes.

Colin Mead

Team Captain