After getting the new turnpoint file loaded and checked we attended to Pilots meeting which included the weather brief.  The forecast called for an early start and we would have que. However the day was going to collapse about 17:00 with rain and thunderstorms coming in for the southwest.

With everyone on the grid the launch started after some delay at 2PM with standard class.  Their gate was opened a little after 3PM.  Sarah Arnold and Tom Holloran started soon after and were on task but the day was not turning out to be as strong as forecast.

The entire 15 meter class was launched and their gate was due to open about 3:50PM.  Half of the club class launched when looked at the radar and noticed the weather from the southwest that had been predicted was moving a lot faster.  The Club Class and 15Meter were cancelled and ten minutes later so was Standard Class.  We were asked to get our pilots back in less than an hour as the field was going to get very wet.  Daniel, JP, Sean, Tim and Tom came back to the field and landed.  Sarah was out on task about 35+ kilometers out.  The weather was weakening fast and Sarah was able to get a couple of climbs to get her closer to the airfield. She was able to get to about 20 kilometers and elected to land in a field.  Her crew retrieved her quickly and return but not before stopping by the roadside to blackberries they spotted on the roadside.

We are hoping for better weather tomorrow.

Team captain

Colin Mead