Yesterday the first Official Practice Day was a rainout.  No attempts were made to fly.  Today things were a bit more optimistic.  The days have started out chilly in the morning so our team jackets are getting plenty of use, unlike years past.  The sun came out about 11am and the march of 100 gliders to the south end of the runway started.

Launch began at 13:00.  It took about an hour and a half to get all gliders in the air.  The forecast called for weak conditions with cloud bases about 5000 feet.  The French organizers required all pilots to provide their own tow ropes.  Fun for the crews after the launch to go and find the teams tow rope.  The US Team’s ropes are bright yellow with stars and stripes tape on the ends.

The launch went well until near the end when Tom Holloran reported the he had a mid-air with another glider.  He was still flying but was returning to the field to check for glider damage.  On inspection the damage was minor and is expected to be an easy fix and he will be in the air again foe the last day of practice.

As the day progressed many pilots returned to the reporting weak conditions.  Seam Murphy (15 Meter) returned after a good try at the task. Tim Taylor (15Meter) completed the task and at third writing was 4th of 5 pilots who completed the task.  JP Stewart and Sarah Arnold where out late in the day and landed out.  Daniel Sazhin returned late after getting low near Montlucon 15k from the field.

Looking forward to better weather in the next few days with opening ceremonies Saturday the first day of competition on Sunday.

Team Captain

Colin Mead