Tony CondonTony Condon learned to soar with the Silent Knights Glider Club in Ames, IA while attending Iowa State University in Aerospace Engineering. He began flying cross country in his Cherokee II, eventually making flights of 100 miles accompanied by many many off airport landings. After moving to Wichita, KS he joined the Kansas Soaring Association, flew Gold Distance in the Cherokee II and got hooked on contest flying. Since then he has moved up to a Standard Cirrus and earned his Diamond Badge with 750km Diploma. In 2015 he competed in the 1st FAI Pan American Gliding Championships and the 1st FAI 13.5 Meter World Gliding Championships. In 2017 he flew the 2nd 13.5 Meter Worlds, winning a day. He won the 2021 Club Class Nationals. This will be his 4th trip to Australia and 3rd to Narromine. He crewed for the 2015 JWGC in Narromine and flew the 2022/23 Australian Club Class Nationals in Narromine, winning a day. Tony is an active Designated Pilot Examiner in Gliders and Airplanes, a CFIG, and occasional towpilot.


13Aug, 2017

John Good – 12 August

The final day of JWGC2017 brought strange weather.  Somewhat against probability, most pilots managed to complete a short task, which [...]