Tom’s father was one of the founding members of Soaring Society of Dayton (now Caeser Creek Soaring Club) and Tom grew up at the airport in Richmond, where the club used to operate in the 50’s and 60’s. His father bought a 1-26 (#190) in the early 70’s and Tom got his license at 16. They won the 1-26 team trophy four times, once overall. Tom completed his Diamond Goal in the 1-26 from Caeser Creek Soaring Club in 1988 and diamond distance in his Std. Libelle from Fun Country Soaring in 1991, both in Ohio. He left Soaring for 21 years, returning in 2015. After taking over the GP gliders US dealership in early 2018, he was without a glider once again after placing an order for a GP15 JETA. Randy Hollenberg loaned Tom his LS8-18 for the 2018 Standard Class nationals, where he placed third. Tom enjoyed flying the LS8-18 so much he purchased one in 2019, which he flew to second in 2019 Club Class nationals, first in 2019 Standard Class nationals, third in 2021 Club Class nationals, and second in 2023 Standard Class and Club Class nationals. Tom and Sarah Arnold flew as a team at the 2021 Standard Class WGC in France. They are also scheduled to fly as a team again at the 2023 Standard Class WGC in Australia this coming December. Tom has been self-employed for the last 27 years. He continues to work as the GP Gliders US dealer and is semi-retired from his other business, TWH Enterprises, Inc.


17Aug, 2021

John Good’s France WGC Report- Ninth Contest Day

A strange day today, with lots of struggle & outlandings, along with some very good US Team results. The forecast was for an unstable airmass, cool post-frontal temperatures and plenty of fairly low cloud, [...]

13Aug, 2021

John Good’s France WGC Report- Sixth Contest Day

Friday the 13th actually worked out reasonably well at WGC2021.  We still don’t have a 1000-point day in any class, but for once the weather came in a little better than forecast, most pilots [...]

11Aug, 2021

US Team Captain’s Report- Fourth Contest Day

After getting the new turnpoint file loaded and checked we attended to Pilots meeting which included the weather brief.  The forecast called for an early start and we would have que. However the day [...]

10Aug, 2021

US Team Captain’s Report- Third Contest Day

This morning was a busy one as the organizers issued version 2 of the waypoints files.  They had to be loaded and checked.    We had some equipment problems that occupied our time after the [...]

10Aug, 2021

John Good’s France WGC Report- Third Contest Day

Much more sun, but another day of short tasks, late starts and plenty of outlandings. Conditions were blue and very weak until mid-afternoon.  At last the 15-Meter class (first in the launch sequence today) [...]

9Aug, 2021

John Good’s France WGC Report- Second Contest Day

A quick note today, as I’m just back from helping retrieve Sarah Arnold, who was among 22 Standard-class pilots unable to complete their relatively short task today.  The forecast again was for early overcast [...]