Tim began flying gliders in 1988 at Lagoon Valley Soaring near Vacaville, California. His early years were spent flying a Std. Cirrus from Lagoon Valley, Truckee, and Minden. He has lived in California, the Mid-West and currently lives in Logan, Utah. He has become one of the most experienced mountain soaring pilots in the US and has taught cross-country and mountain soaring courses. He entered his first soaring contest in 1990. Tim has over 2100 hours in gliders and flown in many regional and national championship contests. He has won numerous regional contests and at the national level has been the US National Champion in the 15M class (2011) and second place (2014). In addition he was the recipient of the Joe Giltner Memorial Trophy for the fastest task speed during a 15M nationals (2014). He and his wife, Denise, have two children, Elaine and Clark. Tim is a Professor of Biological Engineering at Utah State University.