Rick IndreboRick Indrebo moved to Calistoga Ca at the age of 10 when his father Jim Indrebo started Calistoga Soaring Center. Rick grew up working at the glider port as line crew and taking lessons from his father. Rick soloed in a 233 at the age of 14 and never stopped. In his early soaring days, he crewed for his father at many National and Regional contests and was one of Charlie Spratt’s ramp cadets. Rick entered his first soaring contest in 1976 and his first National in Minden NV in 1980. Rick has won 5 National Championships (one Open Class, two 18 Meters, three 15 Meters) Competed in the 2006 WGC event in Eskilstuna Sweden and has accumulated over 6500 hours in gliders. On in interesting note the ASG 29 that he and his father picked up in Germany to fly in the 2006 WGC event was in a mid-air collision with a Hawker jet in August that same year. Rick salvaged the glider and worked on restoring it on his days off finishing it Oct 2016. All three of Ricks 15 Meter wins have been in that gilder!

When Rick wasn’t flying gliders, he was flying the Airbus 321 as a Capitan for American Airlines, with over 30,000 hours commercially. Rick retires this April after 27 years of service. Rick’s home glider port is Williams Soaring Center where you can often find him, soaring, towing or coaching the third generation of Indrebo glider pilots, his son Joel.