Phil learned to glide in the United Kingdom while at high school using things like abandoned WWII runways, home-made launch vehicles, piano wire, and Skylarks. When one asks Phil about flying he says “I soon got interested in competition flying, making the UK team in 1992, and was Swiss national champion in 1993. I have flown contests the UK, France, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Argentina, Finland, Lithuania and since relocating to the US in 1994, most sections of this country”. Phil is a three-time US national champion in standard class. He owns a Discus 2, which he flies with Greater Boston Soaring Club, and where he also gives flight instruction.


10Aug, 2019

PAGC Captains Report Day 6

The Pilots Briefing started with the US 18 Meter Team presenting its findings in regard to their exhaustive research into [...]

1Aug, 2016

John Good report – July 31

The first competition day of WGC2016 arrived with mostly overcast skies and a dubious weather forecast: We were told to [...]