Larry soloed a Super Cub in ’63, seaplanes in ’64, and a Bell47G5 helicopter in ’67. He even flew a classic Schweizer 2-22, which only had 1:10 hours total time at the time of Larry’s flight! He has served as an aerobatic instructor in a Stearman at Kobelt Airport and as Director of flight training at the MIT Soaring Association. Currently, he flies a Ventus, a Duo Discus, and an Arcus at Greater Boston Soaring Club and at Ridge Soaring. Larry flew as co-pilot with Mike Robison at the Hobbs Nationals last year in the Arcus, and they won the 2005 Region 2 Sports class in the Duo. Larry will be flying as co-pilot with Mike Robinson in the 20 M 2-Place Class in Lithuania.


6Aug, 2016

John Good report – August 5

A difficult and eventful day today.  The primary responsibility for this lies with a convoluted cold front just west of [...]