Heinz Weissenbuehler (57) started flying gliders at the age of 14 as a Junior on Harris Hill, Elmira, NY. Since then, he has accumulated more than 5000 hrs in gliders and has flown many contests, including 25 Nationals. In 2008, Heinz competed in the Open Class at the 30th FAI World Championship in Germany, and in 2014 Heinz & Karin represented the US in the first two-seat 20 M class World Championship held in Finland. Heinz is a pilot for American Airlines, flying 777, and has been a member of the Harris Hill Soaring Corp. (HHSC) for 43 years. In his earlier USAF life, he flew the most amazing Open Class glider ever, the U-2, and more recently was entrusted with Dick Butler’s Eta Biter which he flew in national contests. In the Czech Republic Heinz will be competing in the 20 M class with his wife Karin Schlösser as his co-pilot and Bryan Riegal as their crew. Karin, a lawyer, started flying in the Netherlands and, like Heinz, comes from a background where aviation is a true family affair. Heinz and Karin met and live on Harris Hill. They have been flying together since 1997.