Fernando Silva recently retired as a partner of a global management-consulting firm where he led the strategic planning and corporate finance teams for North America. He transitioned to gliders in 1978 and started racing in 1996. Fernando has served as the US Team Captain at the 2014 WGC in Finland and the 2016 WGC in Lithuania and the 2017 Junior WGC in Lithuania. As a US Team pilot, he flew in the 1st PanAmerican Gliding Championship in 2015 and will fly as a 15 meter team pilot in the 2nd PanAmerican in Argentina in December 2017 and at the 2018 World Gliding Championship in Poland. He organized and led the 2017 US Team Camp and he serves as a member of the US Team Committee. In the past, he has served as Competition Director for the Georgia-Tennessee-Alabama club race series and as the weatherman at many Regional and National contests.


9Jul, 2018

On Your Marks!!

WGC 2018 real racing is about to start. All the practice, registration and scrutineering are done and the US Soaring [...]

15Dec, 2017


Yesterday the saying “the last shall be first” applied. On take-off with a strong crosswind and from a rarely used [...]

5Aug, 2017

John Good – 4 August

Now that’s more like it: a genuine flying day – the first since Sunday - with launches, cumulus clouds, racing [...]