International Night ~ Revisited 
International Nite was last night from 7 to about 9 pm with the expectation of flying today. International Nite has each team bring food and drink representative of their country’s culture. We decided on a Hawaiian theme: Teriyaki meatballs with pineapple and rice, fruit skewers, and Mai Tai’s. Team USA had a wonderful International Nite!

Wildfire smoke begins to Arrive at 11:30 am

Unfortunately, the smoke from the multiple fires north of Narromine which we have been concerned about for the past few days began to arrive about 11:30 am this morning. It got more and more smokey as we approached pushback time at 12:50 pm… They delayed pushback until 1:50 pm and switched to Task B for all classes, but there was not really any change to the visibility: 15m and Standard Classes had their day canceled at 1:51 pm.

The sniffer was relaunched at 2:20 pm hoping the visibility was better aloft. It was not with less than 2 km visibility. Club Class day was canceled at 2:36 pm.

There is another daily competition on the ground: Creative Rope Award. Team USA was one of the winners for the Creative Rope Award. The weather is expected to improve tomorrow, if the cold front to our west pushes in to switch the wind direction to the west. We’ll see…

Go Team USA!

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WGC Australia – Team USA Page

~Pete Alexander (Team USA Captain)