No task today.

Unfortunately, the weather did not go our way today. The weather problems today are: northeast wind 10 – 15 kts gusting to 20+ and smoke rolling in from 3 fires to the north slowing the temperature rise. The temperature rise was slower than yesterday’s. This weather pattern is a very bad pattern for good soaring. If the northeast wind is not significantly diminished by late morning which it did a few days last week, you tend to get a very weak blue soaring day. This wind direction brings in ocean air from the east coast. The current weather pattern is expected to change by midweek? We will try again tomorrow.

Tonight is International Nite where each team brings food and drink representative of their country. Melissa Indrebo (89 crew) is our International Nite team lead for Team USA with help from members across the Team preparing our US inspired creations. We have a pretty cool theme. Details and photos from International Nite tomorrow. We have 4 racing days left.

Go Team USA!

WGC Australia – Team USA Page

~Pete Alexander (Team USA Captain)