The SSA is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with WeGlide for WeGlide to provide services to SSA members and clubs. Starting in August 2023 all SSA members will receive, as an SSA member benefit, a free WeGlide “Supporter” membership, providing advanced flight viewing and analysis capabilities. In addition, SSA members can upgrade to a “Premium” membership (which adds advanced flight replay and analysis, task planning, and creation of local competitions) at a 50% discount to the regular price. SSA Clubs and Business Members will be entitled to a “Premium” subscription free of charge.

WeGlide has agreed to adapt and enhance its offerings for soaring in the United States. Working with the SSA, WeGlide will develop a program of national and regional free-distance competitions and will support Club and affiliate task-oriented competitions, which will complement and expand on the popular Proving Grounds program. SSA-sanctioned National and Regional contests will also be available on WeGlide live tracking, with task display and race leaderboards based on the SSA- supported US OGN network that integrates Flarm, ADS-B Out, and Satellite tracker position reports to create a compelling online viewing experience.

The agreement is for a 6-month evaluation period, after which SSA and WeGlide may agree to extend the program. SSA member input will be important in deciding whether to extend the program.

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