I spoke with several Canadians who said that they are impressed with how many days good flying days they have had for this contest. Poor weather has not been a significant factor.

The US Team had another successful day. 18 Meter and 15 Meter pilots finishing in tops slots in both classes.

Gary Ittner won the day with a speed of 99.92 km/h followed by Erik Nelson, Jae Walker, Sean Fidler, Rich Owen in the top 10. Jae Walker currently in second place for the contest in 18 Meter.

Phil Gaisford won the day in 15 Meter with a speed of 88.2 km/h, leading a field of US pilots Francois Pin, Tim Taylor, Sylvia Grandstaff, Fernando Silva and Sarah Arnold in the top 10 for the day. For the contest 6 US pilots occupy the slots second thru 7th for the contest.

Unfortunately the task was hard on the club class pilots.  As the day progressed as they both landed out.

The 15 Meter and 18 Meter pilots got spectacular view of Lake Erie as the flew from the first turn point to the second.

Beautiful Lake Erie from 7T, Sean Fidler’s vantage point yesterday
5E, Erik Nelson and friends

Colin Mead