The Pilots Briefing started with the US 18 Meter Team presenting its findings in regard to their exhaustive research into competition soaring that one secret thing that wins contests.  The US 18 Meter team entered the briefing tent wearing pink shorts.  For those who do not race in the east may not be familiar with Jersey Szemplinski’s tradition of wearing always wearing the same pink shorts when racing his glider.  The information was well received. The Canadian team was amusingly frustrated that their secret is out.


Weather wise the day was also frustrating as the high winds caused problems.  Thermals were weak and broken making it difficult to climb and get on task. Several pilots landed out or returned to SOSA for a relight or after one or more tries returned and quit the day.

But that did not show in the results for the day for the US Team. Clean sweep in 15 Meter in the first four slots on the day.  Phil Gaisford taking 1st followed by Tim Taylor, Fernado Silva and Sarah Arnold. The US 15 Meter pilots taking the six of the top ten spot for the contest so far.

In 18 Meter Jae Walker and Sean Fidler waited to start and returned late, which was good strategy as they found good air on task and finished 2nd and 3rd on the day and giving the US 18 Meter 5 of the top ten places in 18 Meter for the contest so far.

Unfortunately in Club Greg Shugg and Jason Arnold landed out.  Both executed great starts but ran into weak condition on task.  Jason broke a gear door on landing but was easily repaired and is read to go.

The results of the day now but the US Team within 25 points of the Team Cup at the PAGC!

US Team Captain, Colin Mead presenting the US 18M team
Always a good sport and ALWAYS wearing the same, good luck, shorts, Jerzy poses with the US pilots

Colin Mead