WGC 2018 real racing is about to start. All the practice, registration and scrutineering are done and the US Soaring Team is ready to go.

The past few days have been very busy with preparations. Our radio base station transmits 60 Kilometers, loud and clear so we are confident if the CD sends us farther we will communicate.

We have set up a team compound where Team members Tim Taylor and Fernando Silva have rented caravans on the field. Tim and Fernando have been in Ostrow for about a month flying in the Polish National and practice flying and have a lot of info to pass on to Bif Huss, Jim Lee, Mike Westbrook and Boyd Willat. Five pilots have rented gliders and all are please with the quality of their rides.

Opening Ceremonies this evening were all team members, crews and friends will march into the town square.

Racing starts on SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned

Colin Mead
Team Captain
US Soaring Team
WGC 2018 Ostrow, Poland