Jose Ignacio Otero from Argentina is crew chief for PG in Pociunal.   How did Jose get involved with the US Soaring Team, I asked Phil Gaisford?

“We met Jose in Argentina when there for the 32nd FAI World Gliding Championships. He was assigned to us as by the Argentinian Gliding Federation, I believe. Jose has been a glider pilot all his life. We got along very well during that event, and have maintained the relationship ever since. Jose was my crew chief also at the 33 rd FAI World Gliding Championships in Finland (a rather wet and cold event)”.

Jose is jumping in and will be posting on this FB site from time to time. US Captain, Fernando Silva is excited to have Jose as a part of the team.

“It is great that Jose will be posting. He is a delightful person and. very sharp. He was a super contributor to our team in Finland with his joyful can-do attitude.  One of my best memories of Jose was of him as our courier to deliver the pilot’s start times to the scoring office. He would come to my team office to get the time slips which I had to prepare. He would borrow my bicycle and get some candy and chocolates from the team stash. He would ride about a mile to the scoring office and upon entering he would greet each of the four ladies with a double cheek kiss and a piece of chocolate as he handed over the time slips! Needless to say, our team was the most popular at the scoring office by far!”

Team USA is quite an “international” group with Brits Phil Gaisford and Bob Fletcher, Fernando and Jose……and of course the Texans, Mike and Tim!! Proud of all of you!