Greetings from Hosin.

Today was the first day the morning briefing started late because the stewards, contest management, and the safety committees discussions ran long regarding the midair “touch” of HAB and FJ. The end result was FJ decided to leave the contest with only cosmetic issues and HAB needed a little bit of a repair to the top of the fuselage by his air extractor. HAB also received 0 points for the day per rule 8.6.6. The safety committee than discussed good gaggle flying techniques and reminding everyone there would be severe penalties for not flying appropriately. Hopefully, some of the misbehaving pilots will get the message.

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Off to International Nite I go to set the US Team table with the rest of the team where we are serving hot dogs, coke, and watermelon with the rest of the team.
Stay tuned for more…