Where do I find the current US and State Records?

Where do I find the current US and State Records?2022-06-20T15:05:57-06:00

Soaring Society of America Forums Badges, Records & Awards Where do I find the current US and State Records?

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    • Dieter Jaeger
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      Looking over every corner of the SSA website – can’t find the current National or State records. How would I know what it takes to fly a new one?

    • Brad Pattison
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      I see you asked this over a year ago. The SSA web site is about the most confusing site I have ever used. It is a mess. We have been trying to find the current badge status of a couple of us and we are unable. It should be simple. Even the log in was a problem and took the three of us about half an hour to log on. It kept asking us to join and send money but hard to get to the sign up dialog.
      It’s almost midnight and we are all giving up.

    • Kelvyn Flavall
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      Well I see that this is really a slow thread with responses only ever year. Hopefully there’ll be more activity in the future.

      To answer the original question

      There are actually two SSA web sites, http://www.ssa.org is the public facing front, and members.ssa.org with member specific information.

      If you’re on http://www.ssa.org from the main menu select “Badges & Awards”, then “Badges & Records” from the drop-down menu. Then six down in the list of buttons is “State & US National Soaring Records” which opens like a mini-window that allows you to search for records by State etc.

      Or, if you’re on members.ssa.org after logging in select “My Home Page”, the from the “Soaring Achievement” drop down list select “US National and State Records”. This presents the same information as you ended up with if using http://www.ssa.org, but it’s full-screen and I prefer this view.

      Note to submit a record you need to use http://www.ssa.org


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