Lower cost ADSB-out for gliders

Lower cost ADSB-out for gliders2023-12-22T11:47:09-07:00

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      I have recently learned that both the FAA and uAvionix allow equipping gliders with a SkyBeacon or TailBeacon device. These are ADSB transceivers for general aviation, and have been installed by the thousands to meet the 2020 ADSB mandate. They typically work in concert with a transponder when going into controlled airspace, but still function fine as an ADSB-out only device without a transponder if the airspace does not require it. They sell for about $2000, which is less than 50% of the TRIG option. uAvionix sent me a set of instructions on how to install and program for use without a transponder, and a sample 337 Form to send to FAA. It can also transmit a 1202 squawk code, which is set while on the ground and is not changeable in the air. It would be very easy to mount this internally in a fiberglass aircraft.

      Has anyone used these without a transponder?
      Is anyone using ANY device for ADSB-out without a transponder?

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