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2023 Region 2 North Contest

Wurtsboro, NY Wurtsboro, NY, United States

The Region Two North contest will be held over the course of two weekends. (Friday-Sunday) June 15th Practice Day, June 16th-18th Contest Days 1-3, off days June 19-22. Contest [...]


2023 Junior XC Soaring Camp

New Douglas, IL New Douglas, IL, United States

Are you ready to take your soaring skills to the next level? Silvercreek Soaring Club is hosting a cross-country soaring camp June 19-23, 2023. Cross-country camps provide a learning [...]

Region 8 Championship

Ephrata, WA Ephrata, WA, United States

We invite you to fly with us at the Region 8 Contest at Ephrata this year. We encourage everyone to fly with with a SPOT or an INReach. This [...]


Air Sailing Sports Class

Reno, NV Reno, NV

Air Sailing is one again hosting a Region 11 sports class contest. We plan for 5 consecutive competition days including an informal awards banquet on Friday. The contest is conducted [...]


2023 Sports Class Nationals

Waller, TX Waller, TX

Once again, SCOH will host the Sports Class Nationals. Join us for some Uvalde like summer conditions. Get out of the heat in the air conditioned club house and enjoy [...]


2023 U.S. Club Class Nationals

Dansville, NY Dansville, NY, United States

The Club C lass Nationals will be held in conjunction with the Region 3 competition. The Club Class will be a 9 day event. There is a total field capacity [...]


2023 Region 3 Contest

Dansville, NY Dansville, NY, United States



2023 UvaldeGlide

Uvalde, TX Uvalde, TX

The UvaldeGlide is the dress rehearsal for the 2024 WGC and will feature tasks flown in the 20M Doubleseater Class as well as the Open Class and be scored to [...]



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