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Nephi, UT Mini-OLC

Nephi, UT Nephi, UT

Small OLC event giving preference to Utah and then region 9 locals to test out new landing strip preparations. We will only use 3 tow planes during this event and [...]


Region 8 Championships

Ephrata, WA Ephrata, WA, United States

Entry: $300 + $65 per towJoin us for a return to the camaraderie and friendly competition that defines the contest at Ephrata We have good soaring, a short push from [...]


Air Sailing Sports Class

Reno, NV Reno, NV

** NOTE CONTEST DATE CHANGE ** Air Sailing is one again hosting a Region 11 sports class contest. We plan for 5 consecutive competition days including an informal awards banquet [...]


1-26 Nationals

Hamilton, TX Hamilton, TX

The Hamilton Soaring Club is excited to host the 1-26 Nationals Our club history is important to share. The core group that was the catalyst for the organization had its [...]


SSA Region 10 Waller

Waller, TX Waller, TX

SCOH is once again hosting Region 10 Waller Championship, known for our southern hospitality. We can accommodate up to 30 ships, so register early. We will have a Sports Class, [...]


Region 4 South

New Castle, VA New Castle, VA

Sports class restrictions glider lower performance limit 1.02 Pilot Ranking list 2023 70 or greater or previous New Castle experience.Cost: 300 + 3 2500ft tows 75 $525.00 REGISTER HERE [...]


2025 Sports Class Nationals

Waller, TX Waller, TX

SCOH sponsored a wildly successful Sports Class Nationals in 2023. The volunteers are eager to offer an even better experience more challenging and even more fun. This is an awesome [...]

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