Tehachapi Southern Sierra Soaring Cross Country Camp (2024-2)

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The community of glider pilots at Mountain Valley airport (Tehachapi, California) recognize the need for advanced cross-country soaring skills. Our goal is to bring experienced cross-country pilots, contest pilots, and flight instructors together with motivated glider pilots for an immersive experience in cross country soaring. No club chapter is affiliated. Event focus will be to initiate XC pilots allowing them to “crawl” before they “walk”. Both long and short tasks will be recommended depending on skill levels. There will be daily morning presentations amd local task selections using Weglide.org. followed by evening analysis and discussion of the day’s flights. Above all, we are committed that this be a fun and safe event with lots of social interaction. Refer to Skylark North (https://Skylarknorth.com) for tows and glider service information. The event will be primarily based on pilots or clubs bringing their own gliders. Registration attendance limited to between 10-12 pilots. Requirements for attending: SSA membership which includes free membership with Weglid.org; SSA Bronze badge or equivalent; Proof of insurance and required glider documentation current and in the glider; IGC data logger or portable flight computer generating IGC files.

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