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This is the 34th edition of the Senior Soaring Championship. We are looking for a volunteer to help in running the Sailplane Grand Prix fun event. This event would begin on March 3 thru March 6, 2024. This field is limited to just 15 pilots. Entry is on a first come first in process. Send me an email at if you want to enter. More on that at a later date. What started as a friendly competition between friends have turned into a highly competitive event pitting some of the best pilots in the country and beyond. We welcome World/National Champions, Junior Racers as well as first time competitors to Seminole-Lake Gliderport. This will be one week of fine flying, great food and prizes. Come join us in our RV park or stay in any of the fine hotels in the area. We are only 20 minutes from the local attractions of Universal Studios, Disney and Sea World. Bring the family and make this not only your first event of the season, but a great vacation. Sign up early, our waiting list is longer than some contests entry list. Dates: Practice: March 8, 2023 Contest: March 9 – 15, 2023. You must be 55 years old or older before the first contest day. We allow 5 pilots as Guests that do not meet this criterion, which always includes a junior racer. For this year, The CD will be tasking to allow gliders with a handicap of 1.0 to have a good chance to make it home. If your ship as a lower handicap and you do not fly as efficient as you should, some of the days you may find the task more difficult to get home. This is to make the tasks a better challenge for the vast majority of the field. Upon completion of the Seniors, we will be holding the 20 Meter Nationals. So, if you are driving all this way for one contest with your two-seater, come join us for another 10 days of great flying and good times. We look forward to seeing you in March

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