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Changes in Sporting Code

This is a summary of major changes — please review the manual for other changes contained in Chapters 3 & 4. Several documents on the SSA website need to be updated, so please review this newest code before your flight. I will update documentation as soon as possible. Download your full copy of Sporting Code Section 3 at https://www.fai.org/igc-documents

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Glasflugel Airworthiness Directive

Effective November 13, 2018
The FAA has released an AD related to Glasflugel gliders with a CG tow hook and using winch launches. For further details, refer to the reference number. — Soaring Editor

2018-21-04 Glasflugel: Amendment W-19462; Docket No. FAA-2018--0891; Product Identifier 2018-CE-038-AD.

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Results of the US Competition Rules Committee 2018 Poll

Results of the U.S. Competition Rules Committee 2018 Poll are now posted on the Contest Rules and Process page of SSA.org. Thanks to the large number of pilots who provided responses and detailed feedback. The Committee looks forward to further input and dialog as we head into the 2019 season.


For the Competition Rules Committee,
Andy Blackburn

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SSA CFI-G Incentive Scholarships

The SSA is pleased to announce a new scholarship program for CFI-Gs. This program was kick-started by an initial generous donation from John Weber and others. The goal is to generate more CFI-Gs at clubs, which will then help foster club growth.

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Soaring In The News

Photo #14342 | USJrs Logo Tight.jpg Photo #14343 | USTeam Logo Tight.jp
 Juniors  US Team
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