Pete took this photo earlier in the contest

Looks like a pretty blue day, right time for DT to come with colors.

WGC Hosin, Contest Day 9 Aug. 7 Launch has begun after several delays and tasks changed to B, still racing tasks for all three classes

PWR back seat

We had some trim issues during our flight so we were both very occupied and filming went down on the priority list, sorry about that.

We delayed our start longer then we wanted and finally headed out into the blue with DT and another long winger. I saw a small Cu forming near our track and pulled into a great 8-9knt climb. That got us above the gaggle farther into the blue that started ahead of us. We then all pushed into the mountains, some more then others. We saw that gaggle again at the next turn. The took a huge deviation to a large cu and we headed straight on course to some wave influenced cu. it resulted in a 7knt climb, but not strong enough to beat the deviation the others took. Eventually DT and us worked out way onto final glide and raced home.

It was also international night, the hot dogs, jack & coke and watermelon was a great success.

The International Event was a success with each team providing a bit of their own country’s cuisine. Here in this pic Team USA is preparing to serve Hot Dogs, water melon, and Jack and Coke! #ussoaringteams

Noon on the grid

Day 9 Revisited with Garret