By Tomek Ciesielski  (DT Crew)

Our best crew members Ian & Mark flew home after one week of hard work. Many thanks, good luck with the new glider purchase and fast recovery from the heat once in Grampians !
Now we shall count on the local saint man protection and help.

WGC Hosin: contest day 8 Racing tasks for all classes. launch delayed, but eventually set for 12:00 #ussoaringteams

WGC Hosin; Back to racing contest day 8 with Karin Schlosser and Heinz Weissenbuehler of Team ARC

PWR back seat.

(The audio has nothing to do with Eric)

But we did have two gliders in open class trade paint today. A few of the pilots are being overly aggressive and watching Flarm displays to see what the climb rates are.

The pre-start gaggle got us to wonder around solo and avoid the chaos. We finally made it high enough to start about the time the main gaggle was leaving from a different part of the line. We headed towards a tractor working a field but it didn’t work. We joined the main gaggle near the top but left when we heard DT having stronger climbs. A few climbs later we were ontop and with EB and WB. 3 open class gliders separated out was pretty awesome. Down the second leg we decided to separate with WB/EB to get a climb with DT. It did not work as well and the gaggle we had been beating mowed us over. We slowly climbed our way back up the gaggle. Then we missed a climb on the start of the last leg and worked hard to get home.

Recap day 8 with Mike Robison