20 Meter 2 Place Class

Captain’s Report ~ Day #8 (August 6)

Greetings from Hosin! Majority of the US Pilots had flow 10+ days since their arrival.  The rest day on Sunday was very much appreciated with most pilots and crews out sight seeing, [...]

Much Deserved Rest Day ~ And Great Post By Erik Nelson

From 5E: Sunday morning and we managed to sleep in a little. Actually, the Crewton is still sleeping somehow despite full sun brightening her room. Today's a rest day, and [...]

Captain’s Report ~  Day #7

Captain’s Report ~  Day #7 (August 4) It was announced during today’s briefing that Sunday will be a rest day.   I have been posting the daily tasks, launch and gate opening [...]

Day 5 Recap from Facebook

WGC Hosin: Day 5 Expecting storms along the way in the afternoon, the organizers have called 3 hr. area tasks for all classes with launch beginning at 11:30 local. #ussoaringteams Two [...]

Day 4 Recap from Facebook

WGC DAY 4 morning team meeting. Each morning after gridding the team meets and Capt'n Pete runs through weather, tasking, general info, and pilots comments and concerns. Good info is [...]

Day 1 Recap from Facebook

Morning team meeting. Pre-grid, getting ready WGC Hosin Day 1, launch has been delayed several times and is now scheduled for 12:45 local as the early weather is clearing. Likewise [...]

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