It was announced during today’s briefing that Sunday will be a rest day.

I have been posting the daily tasks, launch and gate opening and pilot returns to the field on twitter:
Some people have asked about the why the online trackers are slow: and  We are seeing the same issues here in the US Team Camp which can be very frustrating at times. I think, the servers are a little over loaded at times. The online tracker people are aware of this issue and working on it.
We woke up to bright blue skies with the loads of humidity in the air again.  The day was expected to start a little slower than expected which it did. The 2 tricky parts of the day were the storm building to the east of the field before the start lines opened and the showers sitting on the first turn area.
From this photo you can see the little storm building from the back of the 18 m grid, not much of a concern at this point while we were waiting for the day to start:
About 45 minutes later the storm had grown to this:
It eventually came apart dissipating all of it’s clouds and moisture all over the start gates making it extremely difficult to climb high enough to reach the first climbs outside of the overcast. All of the US pilots struggled to get to their first climbs.
The next big wrinkle of the day was the first turn area covered in showers. DT and PWR found good climbs in the showers. Significant course changes were required on and off all day to up to 90 degrees. See Garret’s video from the back seat of PWR cruising through the rain posted on FaceBook.
Watch David Coggins Day#6 video review of the day posted on FaceBook:
We are working on getting the US Team videos posted to youtube. Stay tuned…
Erik Nelson (5E) and Sarah Nelson (5E crew) just about takeoff time:
Katrin Senne (flying IG in the 18m Class on the German Team) is a fan of US Team wear, so Sarah Nelson (5E crew) swapped hats and shirts with her:
7 racing days to go…