Greeting from the last contest day in Hosin!
We woke this morning to the sun poking through the fog. We had quite a bit of rain off and on yesterday. Most the team went sight seeing, attending to chores, and began their preparations for departure.  It will be interesting to see how the soaring recovers today. Our past experience during this contest says it will probably be the weakest soaring day of the contest. This site appears to need 2 days to recover to good soaring after a cold front passage for the temperatures to recover and the ground to dry out a bit. Time will tell…
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All US pilots have finished and returned to the field.
The closing ceremonies and prize giving will be 10 am tomorrow morning. The team will than finishing our packing and begin our journeys home.
I’m off to the closing party in the main hanger.
    Still a few more photos and a final report to come…