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2019 SSA Youth Scholarship Recipients Announced

Photo #15382 | SSA Junior Camp 2017

SSA Junior Development - Youth Flight Training Scholarship Awards


Smashing 2018's record of 37 applications, 2019 set a new record with 64 applicants! The entire selection pool was excellent and after long review and deliberation, the Youth/Junior Scholarship Committee would like to congratulate the following for this year:

2019 Recipients

Costello Insurance Primary Training Youth Scholarship
$2000 for pre or post solo primary training; ages 14-22

  • Rebecca Harmon
  • Sinead Nichols

Stoffel Flight Training Scholarship
$2000 for pre or post solo primary training; ages 13-24

  • Dalton Stradtman
  • Tucker Thomas
  • Gideon Stasak
  • Charles Thom
  • Evan Kownurko

Bultman Youth Flight Scholarship

$1000 for advanced training, camps, contests, soaring experiences, etc; ages 14-22

  • Jessica Hamilton
  • Taylor Long

Congrats to this year's awardees and thank you to their mentors for doing their part to keep the sport alive and well!

If you weren't selected, don't be discouraged - there are more scholarships for this year! Consider applying for the SSA Cadet Scholarships (http://www.ssa.org/Youth?show=blog&id=2388) - applications are due by June 30th.

Keep an eye on the youth page for the 2020 flight training scholarship application to be posted by the end of October. https://www.ssa.org/Youth

There were many more deserving recipients that we couldn't fund this year. If you are interested in supporting future junior scholarships, contact mylegacy@SSA.org or visit https://www.ssa.org/Giving for more information.

Photo #14191 | SSA Youth/Junior Com

Help Support U.S. Junior Soaring! See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZEIUC0YiPM


Posted: 6/4/2019