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Youth Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the 2018 Scholarship Recipients. Read their bios below.
To read about all youth scholarships, click here. To apply, click here.

2019 Scholarship Recipients have been announced! Read the announcement here.

Bultman Youth Flight Scholarship

Griffin Schwarz
 Griffin was highly recommended by his instructors at Central California Soaring Club. He is very involved in his soaring club and has achieved a substantial list of aviation achievements, such as his Private Pilot – Airplane with instrument rating, small Unmanned Aircraft System certificate, and Advanced and Instrument Ground Instructor Certificates. With this scholarship, he intends to use the funds for glider maintenance fees, aerotows, instructor fees, written exam fees, and checkride exam fees.

Robert Estagin
 Robert obtained his glider license when he was 16, and is in the process of finishing his Private Pilot – Airplane license so that he can become a tow pilot and give back to the soaring community. He plans on using his scholarship funds on his Commercial and CFI-G rating so that he can teach new glider pilots how to fly. He plans to get his CFI-G so that he can help with Sunflower’s shortage of CFI-Gs and continue to go on fly-ins and help with launching/recovering gliders.

To read more about/apply for the Bultman Scholarship, click here.


SSA Dennis Purduski Flight Training Scholarship

Booker Atkins
 Booker was recommended for scholarship by flight instructors. Although only 15 years old, he has already committed his entrepreneurial resources toward flight lessons and is self-funding flight hours. He has taken the initiative to become a member of SSA and Caesar Creek Soaring Club. With the scholarship funds, he plans to use the money for flights so that he can solo by the time he turns 16.

Cameron Kemppainen
 Cameron was recommended for scholarship by his tow pilot. His tow pilot mentions that Cameron is far too young to drive himself to the airport, but has flying skills that far exceed those of some rated pilots. Cameron is eager to learn and is never afraid to volunteer with tasks around his soaring club. He plans to use his scholarship funds to pay for tows, glider rental, and ground school training.

Rachel Rosenzweig
 Rachel is an active member of Atlantic Soaring Club and can be found doing a little bit of everything. She once discovered that a hinge pin was missing from the drive brakes – a great save! Rachel was recommended by Jeff Matthews, CFI-G. Rachel plans to use the scholarship funds to pay for flights so that she can solo and get her brother involved in soaring.

To read more about/apply for the Purduski Scholarship, click here.


SSA Flight Training Scholarship

Chloe Williams
 Chloe is an active member at Caesar Creek, averaging about 4 crew days a month. She has done 4 years of youth camps and volunteering at her local club. With the money that she receives from this scholarship, she plans to fund her flight training in order to earn her Private Pilot Certificate by her next birthday.

Josh Zschiesche
 Josh was highly recommended by his flight instructor for this scholarship. He stated that in his 37 years of instructing he has not had a student progress faster than Josh. He relates this success to the number of hours Josh puts in on his Condor flight simulator at home. Josh plans to use the scholarship funds to continue his flight training so that one day he can fly cross-country.

Victoria Ervin
 Victoria is very active in her soaring club as well as at school. Victoria participates in the work study program through Hood River Soaring, doing many administrative tasks and managing the club Facebook page. She plans to use the scholarship funds to pay for the cost of instruction, tow fees, and aircraft rental fees.

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Costello Insurance Primary Training Youth Scholarship

Joelle Sherbeck
 Joelle is a delightful young woman who has been actively pursuing her private license. I (Ken Sorenson) have been her primary instructor at the Soaring Club of Houston. She soloed in Nov 2017 and has been working steadily on her flying and knowledge skills ever since.  We are planning to complete her practical test this Spring or early summer. She is very appreciative of the scholarship she received and is aware of the commitment it implies (as evidenced by her HISD-day support).

Walter W. Young III
 As a young African American and member of the Dr. Forsythe Chapter of Black Pilots of America (BPA), Walter hopes to encourage other minorities to seek careers in aviation,  which is a group that is underrepresented in aviation careers.

To read more/apply for the Costello Insurance Scholarship, click here.

Posted: 5/23/2019