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SSA Dennis Purduski Flight Training Scholarship

Photo #14078 | Dennis Purduski with

*Funds are currently not commited for the 2019 award.  However, this could change over the next few months and interested, qualifying youth should still apply.

Annual award of up to $2000 for flight training expenses.  Application deadline is December 31st.

Dennis Purduski, of Brandon, MS, was an SSA member and CFIG who trained numerous young pilots to fly.  His passion for aviation was wide reaching; in addition to being an active glider instructor he was also well known as an RC modeler and pilot; he was a past USA World Team Manager for RC helicopter competition.  Dennis flew gliders with the Central Mississippi Soaring Society where he was an active instructor at the time of his death in 2016 from natural causes. Dennis was passionate about aviation of all types, but soaring in particular.  Dennis particularly enjoyed instructing young students.  He saw soaring as a low-cost way to introduce people to aviation. When Dennis passed away he left his entire estate to a trust that funds two beneficiaries; an aviation scholarship at Kansas University and the SSA to fund training for persons under 20 years of age to fly solo in gliders.

Pre-Solo SSA members 13 - 19 years old may apply.  Applicants must express both desire and a plan for success and if under 18, must have parent/guardian involvement for participation.  Applicants must make a good case through a personal statment, in the form of an essay, and letters of recommendation supporting their interest and desire in learning to fly gliders, their financial need, and their promise in other aspects of life.  The flight training organization must be willing to cooperate on the reimbursement process.

Promotion and fulfillment of the program are a cooperation between SSA, which administers and judges the scholarship, and local soaring chapters, clubs, and schools, who get reimbursement for their qualified charges; tows, glider rental, instructional costs, and costs of successful exams.  Funds are not available for dues, joining fees, or other non-training costs.

Awards will be announced at the SSA Annual General Meeting or SSA Convention in alternate years.

Award (up to 4):  Up to $2000 in SSA credit for direct flight training expenses.  Detailed invoices of flight training expenses must be invoiced to the SSA for payment to the servicing organization.  No expenses will be paid two years after the date the award announcement.


Application Form.

Applications may be submitted by mail (postmarked no later than December 31st) or e-mail (dated no later than December 31st.)  See application.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted. 

Posted: 1/11/2019