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SSA Paper Gliders

The SSA was asked by the FAA about what we had for youth.  Apart from our Cadet Intro membership and scholarships, we were a bit stymied.  The SSA Youth Committee secured permission to use a couple of designs for paper gliders, embellished with SSA logos and links, for use in promotion and education about gliders and soaring flight.  These design plans are available for download in PDF format.  It does require printing the parts sheets on card stock.  These are simple, yet not trivial, designs and will require some time and effort to complete, but they do fly well.  We encourage making them available locally for use at aviation events and when introducing youth to soaring.


These can be used for demonstration, learning, and for friendly competition.  You may download the plans and instructions at the links below.

Photo #10830 | SSA Primary Paper Gl



For ages 10 and over, the SSA Primary Glider is recommended as it has a less complex wing and is a bit quicker build.






Photo #10831 | SSA Cadet Paper Glid



For ages 12 and over, the SSA Cadet Glider expands on the design and flight performance.





Have fun!

Posted: 12/30/2017