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Kolstad Committee Announces a Century 500 and Century 1000

A few Weeks ago, an Air Force Academy cadet emailed the SSA to see if he was able to apply for the Kolstad Century Award as he would be 21 before the Sept 30 date, as specified currently in the rules on the SSA website. The committee felt that he should be awarded the Century 300 because he was eligible (under 21 years old) when he made the flight. The website has been updated to suggest that anyone under the age of 21 when the flight was completed is eligible to receive the Award.

Because of his flight, the committee also felt another update was required. When the Award was designed in 1967, the sailplanes, the technology, and the economy were such that we didn't figure that the young soaring pilot would be doing 500 km flights. That (thankfully) is no longer true. We now have a Century V (for the 500 km) and a Century X (for 1000 km) flights! A patch, pin and certificate are now available for the Century V awards!

The rule for the Kolstad Youth College Scholarship regarding age has not changed. Itis open to pilots aged 14 through 20 inclusive.

Posted: 8/22/2012