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Bultman Youth Flight Scholarship

Soaring Society of America's boost into advanced soaring for young ground crew. 

Annual award of up to $1000 for soaring pilots.  Application deadline is March 31st.

Photo #7037 | Bultman Winner SkyThis is a "worker" award for a young soaring pilot who has made impressive contributions to a USA soaring Club or School. Someone who may be too financially strapped to buy tows for personal recreation or personal progress in the sport.

This award is intended to finance post-solo soaring by SSA members aged 14-22. This includes activities such as chasing badges, attending wave and cross country camps, entering contests, and flight training.

Winners of this annual scholarship are selected from young soaring-pilot and SSA member applicants who are of great service at a USA gliderport, and who make a good case via an applicant's statement and letters of recommendation for their desire to progress in soaring, their financial need, and promise in other aspects of life.

Promotion of the program is a cooperation between SSA, which administers and judges the scholarship, and local soaring clubs and schools, who get credit for their charges. Also, they may well perform advanced training of the winner or collect fees for aircraft rental or services. When one of their ground-crew gang wins, they win.

The sponsors of this program, from throughout the USA soaring community, hope the scholarship will help a few more young people make the transition from basic glider flying to sport soaring. In the process, the word can grow that excellence as a soaring pilot need not require advanced age or a large bank account. Most importantly, this is a "thank you" to young ground-crew workers on whom the sport depends so much.

RULES for the BULTMAN Scholarship Contest

  • OPEN TO AGES 14-22, inclusive, as of March 31st. (A reasonable overlap of the limits of "school age", SSA Youth membership, and FAA regulations)

  • OPEN TO SOARING PILOTS: Flying experience of at least FAA Student Certificate (solo pilot) in sailplanes (Soaring starts where basic glider flying leaves off)

  • OPEN TO SSA MEMBERS: Folks who have shown a commitment to the USA soaring community and are ready to work up the SSA/FAI badge system. (The Soaring Society of America is the USA governing body for the sport of soaring in sailplanes)

  • FIRST PRIZE (up to 2): Up to $1000 in credit available from the SSA for approved expenses. (The prize must be used for soaring activities: ship rental, badge attempts, contest entry fees, or instruction, not college expenses)

  • SECOND PRIZE (up to 3): On occasion, a close runner-up may be recognized with textbooks or T-shirts and encouraged to apply again.

  • ENTRY DEADLINE is March 31st.

  • JUDGING will be by the "Bultman Scholarship" Committee within the SSA Youth Committee. (The number of prizes awarded may vary based on entries received)

  • APPLICATION is to include a STATEMENT, in the form of an essay, detailing the applicant's experience with and goals for future soaring. (Reference to specific ship checkouts, camps, contests... is highly recommended. Care should be taken to document all soaring participation--ground or air--and financial need).  Also, one or more RECOMMENDATIONS are needed from Club Officers, Flight Instructors or other mentors (Care should be taken to document the quality and quantity of the applicant's service to a Club or School)

  • COMPLETED APPLICATIONS must be witnessed by a member of a soaring club or gliderport staff, and sent to:

BULTMAN Youth Flight Scholarship
Soaring Society of America
PO Box 2100
Hobbs, NM 88241-2100

Application Form

Applications may be submitted by mail (postmarked no later than March 31st) or e-mail to scholarships@ssa.org (dated no later than March 31st.)  See application. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Please consider supporting the Bultman Youth Flight Scholarship program and our young soaring pilots through a tax-deductible donation by sending a check to SSA/Bultman at the SSA office, or online at Bultman Fund.  Thank you.


Posted: 1/11/2021