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Where To Fly

Welcome to the SSA "Where to Fly?" interactive map!

System Requirements
The "Where to Fly?" interactive map is designed to play on a wide range of systems and is now available in two versions. 

A text-only version of "Where to Fly?" is also available.
Google Maps Version
Photo #9718 | Google Where to Fly

Easily find that perfect soaring site
Perhaps you're looking to experience the thrill of flying in a sailplane for the first time, or perhaps you're a seasoned glider pilot looking to explore different sites from where to fly. Either way, this interactive map is designed to help you find that perfect soaring site.

Many locations
The map features over 140 soaring locations across the U.S.A. and more than 180 SSA Commercial Operations and SSA Chapters. Each location has MapQuest® directions, and where available, AirNav airport details.

Advanced search criteria
If you're looking for a soaring operation that will cater to a specific need then try the text-only version of "Where to Fly?". Here you can enter specific criteria that must be matched (such as cross country instruction) or perform a full text search on the soaring site description or sailplane equipment list (e.g. find all soaring operations across the USA where winch launching and a Duo-Discus sailplane are both available).

Happy soaring!
We hope that this map will help you find that perfect soaring site, and may all your thermals be boomers!

This listing of "Where to Fly" comprises both SSA Commercial Operators as well as SSA Chapters. This information is provided as a service to SSA members and soaring enthusiasts to help locate soaring sites. Use of this information for commercial or business purposes is strictly prohibited without the prior written permission of SSA.


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