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US Team Governance Documents

The US Team Task Force and Team Committee have produced a wide range of procedural and guideline documents for use by the US Team Committee members and pilots. The US Team 'Best Practice' documents are not available on our public website but are available to US Team Members, Captains and Reserve pilots.

US Team Selection Results  
2021 Women's US Team (Coming Fall 2020) Click Here
2021 US Team (Coming Fall 2020) Click Here
2020 US Team Click Here
2019 Women's US Team Click Here
2019 Jr. US Team Click Here
2019 Pan American Championship US Team  
US Team Selection Process
Tweaks To The US Team Selection Process v1.2.1 (Current Process ~ Part 3) Click Here
Team Selection Policy Update v1.2.3 (Current Process ~ Part 2) Click Here
Team Selection Policy v3.3.4 (Current Process ~ Part 1) Click Here
US Team Committee Meeting Summaries
December 12, 2019  Click Here
October 29, 2019  Click Here
September 9, 2019  Click Here
August 21, 2019  Click Here
July 3, 2019  Click Here
 US Team Budget & Financial Reports  
Coming Soon...  
Captains Reports  
 Coming Soon...  Click Here
   Click Here
US Team Committee SSA Board Reports
 Click Here
Interesting Reading  
US Team Code of Conduct v1.3 (updated)  Click Here
Steps Towards Progress  Click Here
Team Planning  Click Here
Team Organization  Click Here 

Posted: 2/19/2014

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