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Change to Club Class Selection Policy

Beginning in the 2008 soaring season, the SSA will change the criteria for selecting members for the US Club Class Team that will participate in the Club Class World Gliding Championships. The SSA Board of Directors has approved a recommendation by the US Team Committee to select US Club Class Team members from those pilots flying gliders in the US Sports Class Nationals with handicaps that more closely match the IGC Club Class handicap range.

In the Club Class World Gliding Championships, pilots must fly in a glider with a (US) handicap approximately between 0.900 and 1.140. In the past, US Club Class selection has been open to all pilots flying the Sports Class Nationals regardless of handicap. It has been decided that the criteria for selection of the US Club Class team should better match the IGC Club Class in order to better prepare our pilots for WGC Club Class competition. This will be accomplished by selecting only those pilots flying gliders in the US Sports Class Nationals, with performance levels similar to the IGC Club Class.

At the October 2007 SSA Board Meeting, the SSA Board of Directors approved a change to the Team Selection Policy that will select pilots for the US Club Class Team from those who compete in the Sports Class Nationals with a glider on an SSA approved list. This approved list will be maintained by the US Team Committee. It should be pointed out that this suggestion does not limit Sports Class National participation to such gliders --- the purpose is only for selection to the U.S. Team.

The list of Club Class gliders eligible for team selection and a discussion of the Selection Policy change are posted on the US Team website http://www.ssa.org/UsTeam/

Posted: 12/25/2007

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