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Mozer U.S. Junior Chamption Trust

The Mozer Trust was announced in the March 2006 Soaring in an article by Jim Short, then chairman of the SSA Foundation.

Endowing America's Junior Champions

Long-time soaring great Rudy Mozer established an endowment within the SSA and the SSA Foundation to assist young Americans who have won the U.S. Junior Championship and want to compete in the World Junior Gliding.

The Mozer U.S. Junior Champion Trust has been established to provide annual income from its endowed funds to help winners of the U.S. Junior National Championships defray their costs when they compete in the subsequent World Junior Championships.

Rudolf W.(" Rudy") Mozer's involvement in soaring spanned eight decades, during which time he has flown gliders ranging fr om an LID of 6 (the SG-38 Primary) to 60 (the ASW-22BL). He and his family have esrablished themselves as competitors, leaders and ardent promoters of soaring with son Eric becoming 6-time U.S. Soaring Champion, 5-time U.S. Team Member at World Gliding Championships and currently the International Gliding Commission (IGC) President. A native New Yorker who also spent part of his early youth in Germany, Rudy established a highly successful business in the United States, became a long-time promoter of high performance soaring, particularly in the states of Michigan and Florida, and spent many years as the United States representative for Alexander Schleicher Flugzeugbau. Many pilots owe their first experiences with new high performance sailplanes to the dedication and service he provided. Rudy's donations in the past have, among others, aided the SSA Foundation and the Michigan Soaring
Foundation. With the establishment of the Mozer U.S. Junior Champion Trust, he and his family are again promoting the sport of soaring by encouraging talented junior soaring pilots to excel in competition and to enable them to reflect well on the United States in international competition.

Applying for the Prize
Although the Rules of Operation of the Mozer Trust convey the details, here is a brief summary. The first-place winner(s) of the U.S. Junior Championship (and holder of the "Mozer Trophy") during each year prior to a Wo rld Junior Gliding Championships may apply for funding for participation in the next scheduled FA! World Junior Gliding Championships by writing the Executive Director of the Soaring Society of America
stating their eligibility for the prize and their intent to participate in the Championships. The Executive Director of the SSA will verify the eligibility of the Applicant by formal inquiry to the Chairman of the SSA Contest Committee. Having verified the Applicant's eligibility for funding, the Executive Director will instruct the Treasurer of the SSA Foundation to disburse funds to the Applicant not less than 90 days prior to the beginning
of the appropriate Wo rld Junior Gliding Championships in the amount of the Mozer Trust Prize, which is normally the annual income of the Trust.  Since the Trust was established just prior to the end of 2005, the prize will first be awarded at the SSA Convention in winter 2007 for a U.S. Junior Champion (and winner of the Mozer Trophy in 2006) who intends to compete in the 2007 FAI World Junior Gliding Championships. Assuming the winner of the award for that year subsequently registers and competes in the contest, the funds will be disbursed for his or her use at the 2007 contest.  In case of a repeat Junior Champion for a two-year international cycle, the combined Trust earnings of those two
qualifying years constitute his or her subsidy for the World Championship. In case of two different Junior Champions for the two-year cycle and both electing to compete in the
upcoming Worlds, the combined Trust earnings fo r this two-year cycle are to be divided equally as subsidy for the two Junior Champions. Finally, only U.S. Junior Soaring Champions are eligible for the Mozer Trust Prize; runners-up are not eligible. Changes to the rules governing the Trust will be decided by majority vote of the Board of Directors of the Soaring Society of America.

The Trusts of the SSA
The establishment of the Mozer U.S. Junior Champion Trust is greatly appreciated by the Soaring Society of America and indeed will benefit the American soaring movement in perpetuity. The Mozer U.S. Junior Champion Trust Fund thus joins the other major endowments of the SSA, the U.S. Team Trust Fund, the Lawrence Wood Memorial Trust Fund, the Roben L. Robertson Memorial Trust Fund, the Wolfgang B. Klemperer Memorial Fund, the Paul Kolstad Memorial Fund, the Gross Cadet Flight Scholarship Fund, the Richard Bultman Memorial Fund, the Trophy Endowment Fund and the General
Endowment Trust Fund of the SSA. This elite set of funds is crucial to carrying out the programs that help the SSA promote soaring, and the SSA extends its gratitude to the founders of them all.  The dollars in these trusts are overseen by the SSA Foundation
and invested to make their corpus and income as effective as possible to achieve the goals of the fund originators. The SSA needs more endowed funds to help it continue and expand its programs in the future. If readers of this article would like to find out more about adding to the endowments of the SSA, please visit the web pages of the SSA Foundation on the SSA web site (SSA.org) , or personally contact the Executive Director
of the SSA or any of the Trustees of the SSA Foundation.


Posted: 1/25/2018

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