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An invitation to Narromine, Australia

Photo #11810 | WGC/FAILogo22015

Junior World Gliding Championships 2015



Only 7 months before the start of the practice period of the World Gliding Championships and you can feel the excitement growing within the organising team and the teams who are contacting us. We have a large number of teams hiring gliders and booking accommodation already so we are looking forward to a good competition.

We are putting an increasing amount of information onto our web site (see www.jwgc2015.com) and the facebook page is getting a lot more traffic.

If you have any questions please email us at jwgc@glidingaustralia.org


Entries are due by 30th August – see the web page for the form. We would appreciate an early indication of entries even without names to ensure that we are arranging enough towplanes, so feel free to submit an entry which you can then replace once you have confirmed your pilots.

The entry fee is set as Aust$845 (which is 600euro as at 26th March). The fee was converted with approval of IGC to ensure no issues with fluctuating exchange rates. Teams are free to pay the entry early or pre-purchase Australian dollars if they want to protect themselves against currency fluctuations.

 Local Procedures should be available at the end of May.

 Flying gliders in Australia           some good news

Australia recognises international ICAO licences and you can easily apply for an Australian Glider Pilots Certificate on-line before you arrive. See Bulletin 2 for details of steps to follow to fly in Australia, whether you are flying an Australian glider or bringing your own.

 You must become a member of the Gliding Federation of Australia (GFA) and an affiliated gliding club.

 The good news is that we have been able to arrange for a significant reduction in the GFA junior membership fee. This will now cost you only $30 per month, paid on-line. We have also arranged with Narromine GC to offer a cheap club junior membership fee which you can pay on arrival.



It is common in Australia to have many days with lift exceeding 10,000ft/3000m, and hopefully we will get quite a few of these days during the competition period. The aviation legislation in Australia requires the use of oxygen when above 10,000ft/3000m so we will be required to monitor that gliders who exceed this altitude have oxygen on board the glider. During scrutineering you will be asked to show a functional oxygen system. 

 Aircraft which do not have a functional oxygen system will be monitored on the high days to ensure that they do not exceed 10,000ft/3000m and safety penalties may be applied for infringement of this legislative limit. So bring an oxygen system.

 We will have oxygen refilling facilities at Narromine airfield. We hope that you have to refill the bottle a couple of times during the competition? You may need to provide a suitable connector ​for your bottle if it is non standard.


A functioning FLARM will be mandatory for all gliders competing in the competition.

It has been brought to our attention that European PowerFLARM units will notwork in Australia, so those pilots bringing gliders from Europe with these units installed will need to find an alternative for the competition. We understand that other (non-Power) FLARMs will work.

If you decide to purchase a Power flarm set up for Australia then we may be able to help you to sell it within Australia after the competition.

If you are hiring an Australian glider then it ​should have a suitable flarm – check with the owner.

 Personal locator beacons (Spot or similar)

Most of the contest area has very little population, few houses and some areas have limited phone coverage on the ground. We strongly recommend that pilots carry a spot tracker or similar satellite based personal location device to make it easier to locate you in case of an outlanding. 


Spot enabled us to quickly locate outlanded gliders last December, so we could send the towplane for one and give the crew clear directions to find the other pilot. If you don’t have such a device and land in one of the more remote areas then you may be in for a very lonely night and late return to Narromine.

 Glider hire

We have a number of gliders available for hire and these are advertised on our web page. We have a good selection of club class gliders available but only a small number of standard class gliders, but are working on getting some more. Please email us at jwgc@glidingaustralia.org if you want contact details for the glider owners. If you have a specific request also email us and let us know what you want – we can approach suitable owners to see if we can get support.

 Importing gliders

There is an information sheet on importing gliders into Australia on the web page, and it gives contact details of two Customs agents, well experienced with importing gliders for short periods, who will be able to assist you or provide advice.

The advice on cleaning the glider and trailer before shipping cannot be ignored. Australia is an island nation with a major agricultural industry, so our quarantine rules are very strict and any dirt on a trailer wheel or glider undercarriage could result in significant time and cost issues for you.


There is still accommodation available but the early planners have been booking some of the best options available. Camping at the airfield is still available as are many of the hotels in town, also consider accommodation at Trangie and Dubbo and other towns which are only 15-20 minutes’ drive from the airfield.

If you would like to rent a house you can send us an email and we will see if we can arrange one for you. Tell us how many people, how many beds and what dates you require.

 Practice prior to the Junior worlds:

The Australian Club class and Sports class (ballasted handicap class) National Championships will be held at Lake Keepit, 4 hours drive North East from Narromine - International pilots are welcome to enter. The competition web site will be available shortly, so you should watch the Lake Keepit SC web page which will have a link to the competition web site within a few weeks. www.keepitsoaring.com

Launching and weather information will be available 7 days a week at Narromine from the start of November, with task guidance available.

Benalla world championships Jan 2017

Planning has started for the Open/18m/15m world championships and the Australian multiclass nationals (Open/18m/15m/Standard) will be held at Benalla from 4-15 Jan 2016, which offers a great opportunity for international pilots to get some experience of the site. International pilots are welcome to enter. These classes are handicapped so even lower performance gliders can compete fairly. Teams may want to consider utilising gliders form the Junior worlds to practice at Benalla?  See the web page at www.ozglide.com.

 Terry Cubley

GFA Executive Officer



Photo #11810 | WGC/FAILogo22015




The Gliding Federation of Australia proudly invites you to participate in the 9th FAI Junior World Gliding Championships at Narromine in December 2015.


Progress so far

The 2014 Joeyglide Australian National Junior Championship and practice event for the 2015 Junior World Championship was completed very successfully in December 2014 – great practice for the pilots and a good test for the organisation. The outcome was very successful on all counts with 6 competition days from a total of 8 available, task distances of 300-600km for standard and 240-500km for club class. A full report can be seen in Gliding Australia magazine, which is available on line at www.glidingaustralia.org/GA/  (see Feb/Mar edition 22) and results can be seen at www.soaringspot.com/jg2014/results/


Join us on Facebook & Twitter

Follow the ‘9th FAI Junior World Gliding Championships' on Facebook, or @JWGC15 on Twitter.

We will be posting latest info here, and you can ask questions of the organisation and other pilots and teams.

It currently includes an advert from Team Lithuania who have two container spots available from Europe.


Web page

The competition web site is now operational.


The information is increasing rapidly and entry forms and bank details will be provided shortly.

Other Useful links


If you have any questions: send an email to our info email box: jwgc@glidingaustralia.org


Getting to Narromine

Narromine airfield, Narromine, NSW, Australia

S 32 13.4 : E 148 13.8   Elevation 820ft MSL

The closest capital city to Narromine is Sydney and there are many international flights arriving daily. Connecting flights from Sydney arrive at Dubbo, which is a 20 minute drive to Narromine.

Alternatively, consider flying into a state capital city closer to where you are collecting your glider and car, such as Brisbane, Melbourne or Adelaide.  Many international airlines have flights landing directly at these cities, or cheap domestic Australian flights can be purchased to hub from Sydney.

Be aware of the following driving times to Narromine:

  • From Sydney = 6 hours,
  • From Brisbane = 10 hours,
  • From Melbourne = 10 hours
  • From Adelaide = 13 hours.
  • From Perth: You do not want to drive from Perth unless you want a real adventure – roads are good but 3 or 4 days driving.


Accommodation at Narromine

See the web page for contact details for a range of accommodation options. You are advised to book accommodation early to ensure you can get the type of facility that suits you.

  • There are many hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts available in Narromine. The town of Trangie is 10-15 minutes drive to the north and also has good accommodation. Dubbo, a much larger city 20 minutes drive to the East has a broader range of accommodation.
  • A number of hotels in Narromine are offering group discounts for teams with a range of other services provided.
  • Camping is available at the airfield camp site, with a number of cabins available also. A local business “Tent town” has tents, beds and other equipment for hire which they can set up for your arrival. See their web site www.tent-town.com.au for details. Otherwise you can purchase cheap camping equipment at Dubbo – contact us if you want any advice on this.


  • Houses and rooms for rent: It may be possible to find houses for rent in Narromine, or even rooms to rent - If you are interested in this then send an email to our jwgc@glidingaustralia.org  email address with details of the number of people and dates required.


Glider hire

We have a number of gliders available for hire or swap. See the web page for details. Otherwise you can express interest by contacting jwgc@glidingaustralia.org . Use the same email contact if you have requests regarding importing of gliders into Australia.


Practice opportunities prior to the championships

Flying at Narromine is available throughout November. Contact Narromine Gliding club to advise your needs. There are a number of entries reserved for International Pilots at the Australian Club Class and Sports Class National championships which will be held at Lake Keepit in mid November 2015. Lake Keepit is located near to Tamworth in the NE corner of the Narromine task area, approx. 4 hours drive from Narromine. Sports Class is a handicap class that includes all gliders that are above the Club Class handicap range. See the GFA calendar for details.


Competition Classes

Club Class (maximum of 50 entries)

Standard Class (maximum of 50 entries)

3 entries per NAC per class plus current junior world champions who still meet the age requirements.


Time Schedule

  • Entry period closes and entry fees due: 30th Aug 2015
  • Reserve pilots accepted: 30th Sep 2015
  • Airfield availability for training flights: Always available
  • Pilot/Team Registration and Technical inspection: 23rd to 26th Nov 2015
  • Unofficial training: 23rd to 26th Nov 2015
  • First official Team Captain briefing: 26th Nov at 19:00
  • Mandatory safety briefing: 27th Nov at 10:00
  • Official training: 27th to 29th Nov 2015
  • Opening ceremony: 30th Nov evening
  • Contest flying: 1st Dec to 12th Dec
  • Farewell party: 12th Dec evening
  • Closing ceremony and prize-giving: 13th Dec at 11:00


Foreign pilots flying in Australia

Getting a “licence” to fly a glider in Australia is simple.

1.     You must join the Gliding Federation of Australia. 1 month membership for international pilots is $103 (approx. 70 euro). You can buy a 12 month junior membership for $135, which is better if you intend to spend more time here. This can be purchased before you arrive on-line via the GFA web site, or can be done as soon as you get here.

2.   You must join a gliding club: Narromine gliding club has cheap short term membership, or if you are hiring a glider from another club you can buy a membership from them. Again, you can do this once you arrive.

3.   Apply for an Australian Glider Pilot Certificate

      You can convert your licence/pilot certificate and medical from your home country to an Australian Glider Pilot Certificate (GPC). There is no cost and you can apply on line well before you arrive in Australia. Once your application has been processed you will receive an email confirming that the GPC is approved, and this combined with payment of your GFA membership will prove that you are licenced to fly in Australia. You must have this to fly Australian registered gliders or any other gliders.

The on-line application for an Australian GPC can be found here. http://www.glidingaustralia.org/component/com_chronoforms/Itemid,811/view,form/

General information for foreign pilots flying in Australia can be found here. http://www.glidingaustralia.org/GFA-Ops/foreignpilots.html


Entry and Qualification Rules

The entry fee is 600 EUR per participating glider and it shall be paid to our bank account in cleared Australian Dollars before 30th August 2015 using bank details shown on the web page. Please indicate names of the competitors in the money transfer. To avoid issues with exchange rate, you will be advised the number of Australian dollar to be paid once bank account details are provided on the web page.

The fee for Aerotow is 55 EUR per tow, payable in Australian dollars. Teams will be required to pre-pay for aerotows at Registration. Unused tows will be refunded.

If the number of entries in a class exceeds the limit for the maximum number of entries, rejection of the entries will be done according to SC3-A Appendix 4.  Entry fees for rejected entries will be returned. Pilot changes within NAC will be accepted until 30th Sep 2015

In addition to official entry forms, pilots and team members will be required to make an on-line registration with some reference data and a face photograph.

Entering NAC is responsible to ensure that pilot fulfills all Sporting Code requirements for example those listed in SC3-A, Part 3.2. The most recent Sporting Code will be valid.


Contest officials

Championship Director:              Adam Webb

Deputy Championship Director:    Terry Cubley

Chief Steward:                          Brian Spreckley (UK)

Jury President:                          Max Stevens (New Zealand)



If you have any questions then please contact us at:


Terry Cubley
GFA Executive Officer
ph: 04 0808 5988

Gliding Federation of Australia | C4/1-13 The Gateway | Broadmeadows | Victoria 3047  p: +61 3 9359 1613 | f: +61 3 9359 9865 | w: www.glidingaustralia.org

Posted: 2/23/2015

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